Andrea Corson is inspired by nature, time, and new ways of seeing. In all elements of her wearable and visual art, Andrea embraces what is around her and pays close attention to form, detail, color and function, elegance and humor. 

Andrea sculpts in wax and utilizes her collection of representational waxes and the ready made to make stand out jewelry and objects. Using the most basic wax working tools, she forms shapes, she drips tiny irregular balls, and finds other working methods to suit her ideas. After the models are cast in metal, Andrea hand finishes the pieces, giving play to their natural and detailed elements. 

Andrea’s current works on paper and sculptures encompass a collective of ideas. The work on her photographs explores lines, shapes, objects and relationships. The original photographs and the new images hold memories and stories of people and places; expressions and aspiration. All of the objects and art materials are found in her home for her photography work, drawings and sculptural wall works. She works intuitively and spontaneously, with paint, paired with the reuse and repurposing of saved things, broken bits, and random things left on the floor and counters; anything goes! The art becomes chaotic and bold in its own sustainable beauty, while inviting curious conversations. 

Andrea Corson has her BFA in sculpture, from Syracuse University and her MFA in sculpture, from Cranbrook Academy of Art. She lives and works in New York City.